Week 2 Discussion Post – Wireless Network Design

I think we can all agree that nothing is more frustrating than no wireless service at sporting events. Trying to capture the moment, and share with friends on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter can sometimes be impossible during crowded events. With more and more fans looking to communicate wirelessly at live events, the need to meet this demand is greater than ever. This is why I would choose to equip my large sports venue with Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi platforms, such as Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi, provide a solution to fan’s demand for more wireless accessibility. The Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi is a high density Wi-Fi solution, which can withstand the heavy traffic a crowded stadium provides. With most of today’s electronic devices having Wi-Fi capability, the application of this technology will only grow in popularity.


One response to “Week 2 Discussion Post – Wireless Network Design

  1. I totally agree with you that there is nothing worse then being in a crowed stadium and not being able to get on the WIFI. This problem also batteries on peoples wireless devise to distinguish a lot fast because they are all searching for service. If I owned a stadium I would want people to be able to use all of their devices and have their batteries last through the event and with Ciscos Connected Stadium WI-Fi this could be possible.

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