Week 4 Discussion – Business Analysis and ROI

As a marking professional, it is important to really listen to what your client wants to achieve with their campaign. Failing to find what your client really wants to get out of all the money and time they are investing in a campaign will almost certainly result in an unhappy customer. Although every client and every campaign are different, I think there are two main components to delivering a successful result for your clients. Those components are open communication and the ability to make changes on the fly.

Open communication is very important in maintaining a positive relationship with clients, and ultimately running a successful campaign. Clients want to be able to reach communication with their marketing professional to ensure timelines are on track, key information is being included in the campaign, etc. Remaining accessible throughout the effort is essential to keeping your client happy.

Staying flexible throughout the campaign is also import to maintaining a great relationship with your clients. Often, unforeseen changes may need to be made and clients are relying on your ability to adapt. Giving your clients the peace of mind in knowing you can be flexible is very important in maintaining a great relationship.


Week 3 Discussion – Designing For Your Brand

In this week’s discussion, we look at how an upgraded wireless system for an NHL arena can be leveraged in marketing campaigns. Since fans today want to see more options with their wireless devices, showing them how the arena is addressing those needs is a huge asset. I would first start by marketing to potential customers, wirelessly. Sending them text alerts, through the mobile website, as well as on the team’s mobile app. What better way to drive home the upgraded availability of wireless service, than reaching potential customers wirelessly?

The second initiative of the campaign would be to advertise a promotion for those who use wireless at the games. Maybe put together a contest for fans to post pictures of themselves at the game on twitter, with a specific hash tag. Then, randomly select a fan to win tickets to a future game. Giving fans the capability to enjoy live events along with wireless capabilities is essential for today’s venues, and once teams have these reliable systems in place, they must go all out to get the word to fans.

Week 2 Discussion Post – Wireless Network Design

I think we can all agree that nothing is more frustrating than no wireless service at sporting events. Trying to capture the moment, and share with friends on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter can sometimes be impossible during crowded events. With more and more fans looking to communicate wirelessly at live events, the need to meet this demand is greater than ever. This is why I would choose to equip my large sports venue with Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi platforms, such as Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi, provide a solution to fan’s demand for more wireless accessibility. The Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi is a high density Wi-Fi solution, which can withstand the heavy traffic a crowded stadium provides. With most of today’s electronic devices having Wi-Fi capability, the application of this technology will only grow in popularity.

MTM Week 1 Discussion

What wireless technology has had the greatest impact on today’s society and why?


Many wireless technologies have had a major impact on today’s society.  From cell phones to Wi-Fi to Bluetooth, it’s hard to find an area in everyday life that wireless advancements haven’t touched.  Though it’s hard to narrow down a single technology, smartphones in my opinion have had the most significant influence in today’s society.


Smartphones have given us the ability to communicate and find information, in ways never previously available.  From a communication standpoint, smartphones allow us to connect with others in multiple platforms.  Text messaging, social media messaging, video conferencing, or just plain talking on the phone… our world is made smaller through the use of a smartphone.  Finding information, too, is a key benefit of smartphones.  Having access to the Internet and mobile apps brings any needed information to our fingertips.  The number of individual items that the smartphone replaces (alarm clocks, phone books, calendars, etc.) makes our lives more convenient and efficient.


Growth in smartphone usage continues to rise, too.  A recent survey by Neilsen shows that more than 3 out of 5 cell phone users in the U.S. (61%) own smartphones.  This is up more than 10% from just one year prior.  These numbers not only shows the popularity in smartphones in today’s society, but also the impact they will continue to have in years to come.


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Brand Logo

For my brand logo I wanted something that would stand out, with bold contrasting colors. However, I didn’t want it to be too overpowering. I tried to create a logo that could be used in different media formats, and simple enough that it would work with or without the name underneath. With the current popularity of social media today, I tried to model my logo to resemble a social media button, to help with brand recognition.